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 Dragon Ball Rules

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball Rules   Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:14 pm

Dragon Ball Rules

Dragon Balls are mystical orbs that allow nearly any wish to be granted, unlike universe 7 the dragon balls of Universe 18 are scattered across the universe. They grant 1 wish instead of 3 and the wishes are limited for the sake of the RPG. Staff will allow players to make any wish they want, but be specific if you want to get what you want. Anything too powerful or unfair will simply receive "Your wish is beyond my power from the dragon" so think carefully. Immortality is allowed but only lasts 5 days in-real-time.

Collecting the Dragon Balls:
There are 7 Dragon Balls in all and a player may only collect 1 dragon ball every 24 hours real-time in order to allow other players the chance to find them. A topic will be held as a global announcement stating which Dragon Balls have been found for Out-of-Character knowledge. It requires 3,000 words of searching to find a dragon ball, but this can be split between multiple players if more than one is looking together. Items such as dragon radars may be allowed to minimize amount of words needed to find a dragon ball.
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Dragon Ball Rules
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