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 Technique Rules

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PostSubject: Technique Rules   Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:54 pm

Technique Rules

Techniques are amplified fighting styles or ki blasts, such as "Wolf Fang Fist" or "Kamehameha Wave" that are obviously stronger than an average ki blast. Techniques are broken down into 5 types: Ki Supers, Strike Supers, Ultimate Attacks, Evasion and Transformations.

Ki Supers: These techniques are weaker ki based techniques, an example would be "Dodon Ray" however they do require more energy then simple firing a standard burst of ki. Ki Blasts require contact in order to cause damage, collisions of ki blast supers result in the player with the hire Blasts attribute over powering the other. If Blasts attribute is same then blasts explode on contact with one another.
Ki Supers require 500 words of training and damage percentage is based on amount of Ki used.
No Ki Super should exceed 200 ki usage.

Strike Supers: These techniques are weaker physical based attacks, an example would be "Wolf Fang Fist" although they require ki in order to amplify ones physical damage output. Strike Supers require 1 initial contact with opponent in order to perform, once contact is made the opponent based on stamina remaining "25% or higher" may block causing damage to decrease stamina not health. If Stamina is too low "24% or less" then the character has no choice but to allow move to transpire. Evasive Techniques may alter ability to dodge Strike Supers. Strike Supers require 500 words to train and damage percentage is based on ki used.No Strike Super should exceed 200 ki usage.

Ultimate Attacks: These Techniques are Powerful Techniques whether Strike Supers or Ki Supers, they follow same rules as above with the exception of they have no limit on Ki usage to perform and can amplify damage output to larger percentages than the Supers.
Ultimate Attacks require 2,000 words to train.

Evasive: These Techniques have multiple uses, but for the most part they are evasion techniques to escape danger. Examples of evasion techniques are "Solar Flare"
and "Instant Transmission" which both would allow for a quick escape. Evasive techniques require Stamina and Ki based on range and effect, they require 1,000 words to train.

Transformations: These Techniques allow the amplification of attributes, players may have only one transformation at a time. Transformations may have more than one level like "Super Saiyan - Super Saiyan 3" However each level requires a much larger training word count, The word count required to learn a transformation will vary based on amplifications caused and ki used to perform. Transformations will only be allowed to alter a maximum of 3 attributes.
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Technique Rules
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