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God of Destruction

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PostSubject: Sake    Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:56 pm


Race: Unknown
Home World: Hakai
Alliance: Realm of Deities

Age: 59 years
Birth Date: July 6th
Gender: Male
History: Sake was selected at the beginning of time by Zen-Oh to be the first God of Destruction, once selected he was endowed with seemingly limitless power and responsibilities. He watched as the Supreme Kai created Universe 18 to Zen-Oh's liking and when time for Hell to be created Sake had objections to a world for the evil. He destroyed the original Hell 4 months after its creation claiming it was a horrible idea to collect scum, however the Supreme Kai and Zen-Oh convinced him of its purpose and ideology to correct a villains mistakes.
Personality: Sake displays a very calm and orderly approach to situations, this allows for fluid motions in battle situations. While he cares for growth an prosperity in the Universe he questions the importance of some mortals existence, such as those with a barbaric nature or one of tyranny. Sake believes in structure and order in the universe, this is where he finds reason for destruction when it comes to deciding the universal order. He can often become cross when presented to people who hold no respect for his stature, this generally resulting in the complete destruction of them and in some events their planets.
Appearance: Sake is a short man of 5' 5" and wears an Egyptian styled garment as most gods of destruction, his consists of a orange and black pattern and golden accessories on his arms.

Ki Reserve: 500,000/500 God Ki
Health: 100
Stamina: 50
Physical: 100
Blasts: 100
Speed: 50

Other Characters: None
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Supreme Kai


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PostSubject: Re: Sake    Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:43 pm

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