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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Sat Jun 17, 2017 8:42 pm

Welcome to DragonBall Online

On behalf of the staff, I would like to welcome everyone to the world of DragonBall. Before you can start your journey, there are some rules you need to know. If you do not follow these rules there may be significant penalties that follow.


1.STAFF: All members of staff have final say and if there is an issue, a member of higher staff can be requested to oversee the ruling. If an issue with a staff member occurs, notify an administrator via PM to see that an appropriate solution is found.

2.CHARACTERS/ACCOUNTS: Maximum character to each account is ONE. Players may have up to THREE separate accounts/characters. Account names must match the name of the character created for that account, if name is already taken consult the staff for a solution. If player chooses to have multiple accounts, each account is unable to interact with each other.

3.THREADS: Each character is allowed up to three threads at one time. Please allow 24 hours before bumping a thread. Members should attempt to post more than one-liners to allow other players to have the ability to create character development. Threads under investigation may become void by staff and are not to be tampered with.  For a thread to go under investigation there must be signs of "Godmodding, Metagaming, and Autohitting." Out of character conversation should be in parenthesis. Threads involving training or fighting must be approved by a staff member in order to gain or lose anything. (Stats, Items, Etc.)

4.RESPECT: All players out of character should respect one another by keeping swearing to a minimum. Posting adult content is an immediate ban. Do not harass other members, this may result in certain penalties.

5.CREATION: Everything created must be approved by staff before being used. Items, Space Shuttles and Planets will require Zeni.

6.ZENI: All players start with 1,000 Zeni. More Zeni can be earned by performing Jobs.


WARNINGS: 1st and 2nd time offenses.

24 HOUR BAN: Failing to heed warnings.

WEEK BAN: Used when the 24 hour ban is a failed attempt to correct ones behavior.

PERMANENT BAN: This occurs when all efforts fail to correct behavior.
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General Rules
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